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See How Much Easier Food Prep’s become!

Welcome to a groundbreaking invention. Chop away the easy way from now on! Unique and with a first-of-its-kind patented design, the Chop-Above® cutting board features two positions: traditional flat and raised with locked supports. It is the only patented cutting board with foldable legs.

How the Chop-Above® Idea Came About

I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. However, I find preparing ingredients a time-consuming part of the process. If only there was a quicker and easier way to go about it. For this reason, I sought to find a clever solution. Trying out various new tools, I realized how compromises had to be made including trading benefits with disadvantages. Along the way, the versatile cutting board idea was hatched.

After making models and going through countless trial-and-error episodes, I finally succeeded in creating the first Chop-Above® cutting board. Minus the trade-offs and disadvantages, I had a neat invention in my hands this time.

The board features all the benefits of a traditional cutting board but with more built-in advantages. Comfort, speed, cleanliness, and ease of use now figure into the user-friendly equation.

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A Proven-Effective Tool

One of my favorite salad recipes involves finely dicing tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, and cucumber. I tried many gadgets for preparing this salad before, but none of them yielded the controlled consistency required.

Ingredients would be too mushy or diced sizes came out too random. Some gadgets promoted speed as a benefit but, in fact, proved slower than traditional chopping and even messier.

Using the Chop-Above® cutting board, I just have to raise the board on its supports, place a bowl underneath, dice ingredients, and slide all ingredients into the bowl. Everything has become simple, easy, and mess-free.

Made of FDA-approved plastic, the sturdy Chop-Above® cutting board is the perfect food preparation station, with all the benefits and without any compromises made. Try the Chop-Above™ cutting board today and enjoy cooking even more. Place your order now.

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