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Work Smart, Not Hard
Antibacterial Cutting Board

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Save time and Mess-Free

Using the raised-position, you can place a bowl under the board’s surface to effortlessly catch chopped up ingredients in one mess-free, seamless motion. Any bowl, pan, or container as big as 4.5” tall fits under the board.

See How Much Easier Food Prep’s Become!

Welcome to a groundbreaking invention. Chop away the easy way from now on! Unique and with a first-of-its-kind patented design, the Chop-Above® cutting board features two positions: traditional flat and raised with locked supports. It is the only cutting board with foldable legs.

More Practical Features

Ideal for all manner of food preparation, the Chop-Above® is a versatile tool. So compact and with patented folding legs, it does not take up much storage space on the kitchen countertop.

Made of non-porous material, my cutting board is likewise non-absorbent, antibacterial, and odor-resistant. It is also dishwasher-safe as it is BPA-free plastic. Additionally, it won’t make your knives dull because it’s made of acetal, the best plastic for low-friction, high-impact applications.


Doesn’t Slip nor Skid

Two independent support legs lock safely into place to allow traditional flat board chopping. Non-skid feet with anti-slip features allow you to do all the cutting with optimal stability.

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Easy Storage

Compact size 15" X 9.5" x 1", easy to store cutting board!

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Made in the USA

Don't do it the HARD Way!

Work smart not hard Cop Above

Compact Size 

Silicon stopper for closed position.

Silicon stopper for up position.

Prep Your Food the Easy Way!

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Antibacterial Cutting Board Dishwasher Safe Stores So Easily on the Countertop or in the Cabinet

Cook with delight as you chop away effortlessly using my Chop-Above® cutting board. To place an online order, click the buy now. If you have any inquiries, please contact Chop-Above LLC today. [email protected] Add a smart, practical tool to the amazing arsenal of kitchen aids you now have!

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